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Bandar A. Profile Thumb

Bandar A.

15 days ago

I lived here 8 months and enjoyed a lot. The place is very clean and quiet.Worth the experience for anyone looking for a place to live.I am very happy to live in it

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and we are so happy that you are enjoying your stay here at the Avenue. Keep a lookout on our social media for events and giveaways to come!

Emma W. Profile Thumb

Emma W.

29 days ago

It’s just so expensive for no reason, the hallways are always nasty and smelly. I lived here bc the location was good, wish parking was cheaper. All problems and work orders my roommates or I put in have been completed within a timely manner

Emma, Thank you for bringing this item to our attention. If there is ever an issue even outside your apartment that needs to be addressed please let us know and will take care of it asap. We will have some come out today and address and smell or carpet issue outside your apartment. Again thank you for letting us know.

Skylar M. Profile Thumb

Skylar M.

30 days ago

Everyone that works in office is super nice and really cares for the residents. I also appreciate how often I see the cleaning staff, it is really nice especially during cold & flu season. When it comes to issues, everything is always handled efficiently. The only complaint I do have is how small the gym is.

Skylar, thank you for the positive feedback and we take your suggestion to heart, please let us know if there's anything in the future that we can do to improve your stay.

Madison J. Profile Thumb

Madison J.

1 month ago

Maintenance is always quick to come check on things! Sometimes it’s frustrating that I pay for parking, but the garage is often full because the arms are broken, but I know there are many causes to that.

Madison, so happy that our maintenance is on top of all your needs. We are in the process of getting brand new gates and hope to have them up asap!

Cassandra S. Profile Thumb

Cassandra S.

1 month ago

I really enjoy living at the Avenue! It is a great community and everything is in order. They are great at dealing with maintaince issues and want to help their residents anyway they can.

Cassandra, we are ecstatic that we are able to provide to you the level of customer service that we strive for, keep a look out on our social media for events and giveaways to come!

Reagan M. Profile Thumb

Reagan M.

2 months ago

I love living here! It’s nice having pretty much the college dorm experience but also having the opportunity to go in your own room and be by yourself for a while. It’s also great being able to cook your own meals since you can’t do that in most dorms. Being a short walking distance from campus is really nice too!

Reagan, We are so happy that you chose The Avenue as your home, keep a lookout on our social media as we for events and giveaways to come!

Camryn V. Profile Thumb

Camryn V.

2 months ago

I love living here. The staff here are all super friendly and my apartment feels like home. I love that there are a gym and a pool here too!

Camryn, We are so ecstatic that you are enjoying your home here at the Avenue, keep an eye out on our social media for events and giveaways to come!

Cheuk C. Profile Thumb

Cheuk C.

2 months ago

One thing i really like about my apartment is that it’s always warm even if the heater is off. It never drops below 65F. This saves a lot on the electricity bill!!

Cherry, We are so happy that your are enjoying your home here at the Avenue, do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to make this next year even better!