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Camryn V. Profile Thumb

Camryn V.

10 days ago

I really enjoyed living here and was sad to have to move out early due to COVID-19. I’ll be back in the fall and excited to live here again!

abra*@*.com Profile Thumb


27 days ago

Everyone on staff and in the office are so nice and helpful when there is an issue. The only thing bad about living here is having to listen to the sirens daily but other than that I love it here!

Rhiannon C. Profile Thumb

Rhiannon C.

28 days ago

I wish i wasn’t made fun of when my allergies flared up because of the constant weed smoking around my unit. It also sucks that the fire alarms constantly die in our unit and that every time we call to get them fixed they’re miraculously fine but then start up again soon. Probably not the avenue’s fault but it still sucks.

Madyson F. Profile Thumb

Madyson F.

1 month ago

Amenities are great, I really enjoy having free printing, a pool, the workout area, and the little events they do here and there. It really makes you forget about how much money you are spending on this wack apartment.

Hayley G. Profile Thumb

Hayley G.

2 months ago

I have really enjoyed living at the Avenue! My roommates have been great and the location (and view) is amazing! I love being so close to the city and IUPUI. I really value that we have our own rooms and bathrooms! However, I do believe it is overpriced. The appliances we have frequently have issues, and we get cheap elements. I could pull out the countertop with my own hands if I wanted to! The parking has also been pretty much open all this year, which is frustrating considering we pay $60 a month for a garage that has its gates up 80% of the time (even months at a time, which I believe we should be refunded for). The amenities could also receive an upgrade, as many items in the workout room are broken. However, we do get utilizes covered (other than electric) and we have cable and a very nice TV and some furniture. For a college apartment, this place is relatively nice and I am thankful for it!

Bandar A. Profile Thumb

Bandar A.

3 months ago

I lived here 8 months and enjoyed a lot. The place is very clean and quiet.Worth the experience for anyone looking for a place to live.I am very happy to live in it

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and we are so happy that you are enjoying your stay here at the Avenue. Keep a lookout on our social media for events and giveaways to come!